slate roof maintenanceSlate roofs are very popular due to their beautiful appearance, fire resistant quality, environment friendly aspects and durability. To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of durability of slate roofs it is important that you do some maintenance on your slate roof. Here below are some slate roof maintenance tips from Roof Restoration Sale.

1. Avoid walking on the roof

Having your slate roof inspected at least once a year is a prudent and wise thing. However, during inspection, avoid walking on the roof as thin slate shingles can crack or break due to the weight. The best option to inspect a slate roof is to use a pair of binoculars, a camera, a ladder or scaffold gently placed onto the roof edge.

Regularly inspecting the roof to find broken or cracked areas will help avert a catastrophic leak that cause damage in your house. The inspection is timed best when done in the fall before winter sets in. All cracked or damaged tiles need to be replaced immediately. For safety always ensure to wear a harness when working on the roof.

2. Checking the flashing on the roof

The flashing on the roof can wear out much quickly than the slate. Most of the time you will need to replace the flashing before doing any major repairs on the roof. Get professional advice if replacing the flashing necessitates the replacement of the sheathing under the slate. Note not all sheathing materials will fit effectively on slate roofs.

Slate roof maintenance is not only on the exterior, check the attic to view the interior layer of the roof. Use a flashlight to check for stains, if there are stains on the timber on your roof, you will need to check further for hairline checks. Ground level checks can help a lot also. If a tile appears to have a powdery surface it means you need to replace it immediately before any further deterioration occurs.

3. Check the gutters

The final check should be on your gutters and downspouts. Your gutters will need regular painting if they are galvanized. Make sure the solder seams are intact and there no holes on the gutter.

In conclusion, slate is a hardy material that holds up well against various elements and does not retain ice or snow. Durability is a key characteristic of slate roofs. It is important to do an annual inspection during spring so that you identify damage that may have occurred during winter. Identifying damage early enough prevents leaks or major repairs in future.

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