An Insight Into the Working of Split System Air Conditioners

An air conditioning system that has its condenser separated from its indoor air dispersal unit is called a split system air conditioner. The compressor of this unit will be outside the space being cooled, on the ground, hung on walls or on the roof. You can even have models of these air conditioners that have a number of indoor units linked to a single compressor.

In this system of air conditioning, a copper pipe connects the indoor and outdoor machinery along with the necessary electrical wiring. The compressors. installed outside with condensers, create the necessary pressure on a refrigerant that circulates between the outdoor and indoor units. The sudden release of pressure causes temperature drops in the refrigerant and this cold refrigerant is circulated through coils in the indoor units, and fans blown over these cooled evaporator coils to produce the required air temperatures. The operation of the indoor fan units is very silent and this is a great advantage of split system air conditioners. Regulation of temperatures is done through thermostats, and most modern systems have a remote control that operates on infrared signals and helps to change thermostat settings. This way you can have different temperatures in different rooms that work on the same compressor set up.

Split systems of airconditioning are seen installed in homes, small and large offices, hotels, shops, and learning institutions. It is a cost-effective system. very quiet in its operation, easy to install, and not difficult or expensive to maintain. Maintenance requires similar action to clean, wash, or replace filters. The copper piping linking the compressor to the air handling unit on the inside require to be properly insulated so that energy is not lost during the short travel of the refrigerant gas. These air conditioning systems do not require any ducts, as air handling is carried out inside the space that requires cooling.

Care must be taken to see that these fan units are positioned on walls that will serve the entire space that is

What is a Split System Air Conditioner

being cooled and ensure proper circulation of the cooled air. These systems are expensive when compared to the traditional window type air conditioners that are used for climate control. However, their silent operation gives them an advantage that is hard to beat. The latest models use inverters for power, and these can save a lot of power and thus reduce running costs. These inverters allow the use of variable speed motors and reduce power because they avoid the repeated high starting currents that normal airconditioners will consume during their intermittent operations.